Achieve Through Mindset

Meet Igor

Hi, I'm Igor Schimidt.

I’m a freelance personal development blog writer and I specialize in mindset and success topics.

My mission is to help you increase traffic and create more engaging content, that connects and builds trust with your readers, generating more leads for you. 

I’m also committed to delivering awesome and useful posts to your readers to help them create a better life on their terms. 

And once we help your audience — while also attracting more visitors, engaging them and building trust — that’s how we can convert traffic and casual readers into more leads for you.


Getting To Know Each Other More

Before I risk boring you with some cliché comments of how much I love writing, how passionate I am about personal development and what I do (which are all very true to me), I want us to talk about something more relevant to you.

So for now let’s talk about why you are here, reading this.

  • Do you want more engagement and trust from your readers? 
  • Want to improve the ranking of your posts on Google?
  • Are you invested in getting more leads for your blog?
  • Do you want to have more impact through your content and stand out?

If your answer to any of those questions is “Yes!”, then keep reading because that means you’re in the right place and we already have some things in common.

We both want more engagement, traffic, leads and quality content for your blog. You and I both want to see you win! 

And that’s why my main focus and commitment is to give you the results you want — not only to add words on a page to meet a word count. While also helping your readers with content that is relevant, fresh, inspiring and useful. 

That’s what AtM (Achieve through Mindset) is all about. You and your readers. Helping them and helping you progress forward and grow. 

So if you’re tired of boring content or not getting the results you want, let’s talk and solve that together!

More About Me

4 of My Favorite Personal Development Books

The 4 books that had the greatest influence on me so far:

– Principles by Ray Dalio

Such a gold mine. I’ve listened to it multiple times and still find practical wisdom and ideas there every time I come back to it.

– Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

This is the book I read over and over again the most. It was the first contact I had with Stoicism, years ago, right after I read The Obstacle Is The Way.  

– Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins

The book is packed with hardcore ideas and stories to forge an unstoppable mindset. The audible version is simply phenomenal. 

– Lying by Sam Harris

An essential topic that is yet rarely talked about. With the eloquent and beautiful writing style that Sam typically infuses in his books. 

Some Random Facts About Me

The last one is quite random by the way (and perhaps a bit awkward?). But hey, don’t skip!

  • I love immersing myself in nature to think, read or journal. Sometimes to meditate, or just to look around, breathe and recenter.

  • I belong to the coffee tribe. Got to love a tasty cup of coffee. Oh, and a nice bottle of red wine is always welcomed as well!

  • I love music. I know… it’s not the most original thing to say, I’ll give you that. But it’s true — I used to play drums during the day for hours upon hours, just to give you an idea (poor neighbors, I’m sorry for that).

  • For my last one, if you’re still here reading this, at this point I guess I can trust you enough to share something a bit weird and silly (and quite random) about me. Brace yourselves…

    I have a real hard time picking a number 1 favorite thing, for most things. So to cope with that I usually tie 3 or 5 things as my number 1 favorite thing. Such as movies, tv shows, food, books, etc. That’s not so bad, is it? Please don’t judge me. It’s harder than it seems! 

So now that you know a bit about me, I’m curious to know about you and your business too!

Let’s connect and get to know each other more. Just hit the button below and I’ll show you how.